Falstaff: 4 new awards for Zenato

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Falstaff awards for Zenato‘s Lugana: Lugana Riserva Sergio Zenato, Lugana San Benedetto, Lugana Brut Metodo Classico and Lugana Santa Cristina!

“Light brilliant gold in color, this wine delivers intense multi-faceted aromas on the nose, with floral and citrus notes, spices, white plum, and vanilla.
On the palate, it’s rich in flavor, with great depth and balance. An ideal white for aging.”
Vinibuoni d'Italia results edition 2022Lugana Riserva Zenato in Vinibuoni Guide 2022
“It’s full-bodied and full-flavored in the mouth, with notes that shift from dried apple and pineapple to pear and vanilla.
Its long, brilliant finish lingers with delicious results.”
Lugana San Benedetto
“With elegant lingering bubbles and creamy texture, it’s made from a top selection of grapes that give it clean and enchanting aromas with a touch of face powder.
On the palate, it’s balanced and enchanting, joyous but delicate, with a silky acidity that gives it focus and clarity.”
“Its multifaceted nose is aromatic, fresh, and fruity, with notes of grape, peach, citron, grapefruit, and a hint of pineapple, which adds tropical character.
On the palate, the wine is approachable, fresh, and has good minerality.”


the Soul of Lugana  and  the Heart of Valpolicella.

95 hectares of top vineyards in Lugana and Valpolicella’s “classic zone.” Two faces: One white, the other red, both emblems of high-quality wines that are born through a visceral passion for the land, through respect for time, through a family tradition that has championed local grape varieties for 60 years.

1960 – San Benedetto di Lugana. It’s here that the heart of Sergio Zenato started to beat. His story is made of passion and hard work; a deep connection to his land and his people; entrepreneurial ability and openness to innovation and new vinification techniques and investment in native grape varieties.

A story that stretches from the banks of Lake Garda to the hills of nearby Valpolicella where the estate’s reds are born from sunny vineyards of Corvina and Rondinella in Costalunga in Sant’Ambrogio commune.

Take a look at the website and learn more about Zenato, its philosophy and its wines