Franciacorta Festival Azienda Monzio Compagnoni

Vineyards Monzio Compagnoni

Bubbles, Passion and Music by Azienda Agricola Monzio Compagnoni, during the Franciacorta Festival

Azienda Agricola Monzio Compagnoni, producer in the beautiful Franciacorta area, takes part of the Festival Franciacorta.

During the weekend of  11th and 12th of September and 18th and 19th of September you are welcome to visit the Cantina, have a tasting of 3 great wines, the Cuvée alla Moda, the Satèn 2016 and the Rosé 2015, of course in combination with local cheeses and sausages and accompanied by music.

A nice visit, with bubbles, passion and music, don’t miss this opportunity  !

You are welcome from 10.00 -20.00 on 11th or 12th of September and from 10.00 – 22.00 in the weekend of the 18th and 19th of September.

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