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Falstaff’s Barbera Trophy: Icardi

Falstaff Barbera Trophy: Icardi

Great results for Icardi with Tabaren Barbera d’Asti

Falstaff Barbera Trophy: Icardi

Icardi got 91 points for their wine Tabaren Barbera d’Asti 2020, at Falstaff’s Barbera Trophy. 

Tabaren comes from the French word ‘Tabarin’ . This was a venue used for theatre, plays, art and dancing.  ‘We are all better dancers after a couple of wines’ can be read at the technical sheet.

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Claudio and Mariagrazia Icardi are wineproducers in the region Piemonte and manage the company in their father’s footsteps.

The winery is located in Castiglione Tinella, within the province of Cuneo, between the lower Langhe and the Monferrato region.


Claudio and Mariagrazia Icardi

Claudio and Mariagrazia are proud farmers who have stayed true to their old traditions. Keeping a strong bond with the soil.

They say that the wine production happens in the vineyard,  more than in the cellar.

There is a very deep respect for the cycle of the seasons and also for the rhythms of nature.

At Icardi they naturally follow the vineyards growing cycles and let flowers and plants grow between the grape rows.

There is no use of nitrogen fertilisers. They allow plants to naturally fixt the nitrogen in the soil.

They do not employ either herbicides or pesticides.

The fertility of their soil is imported through green manure, believing in thinning the vineyards, leaving behind only the best grapes, even when that means reducing their final production.

They allow shoots to grow freely without forcing them into place.

Their work is carried out in full respect and protection of the environment they live in. They do that keeping 15 hectares of uncultivated woods to foster animals and plant biodiversity. 

More information about Icardi, the assortment of wines and their awards you can find here.