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Masottina at Merano WineFestival

Masottina at the Merano WineFestival


The Merano WineFestival this year celebrates its 30th edition and the event will be hosted in the fancy halls of the Kurhaus, as per usual.  

For the first time, 2 wines from Masottina that received the Winehunter award are selected for the Merano Wine Festival. 

(More information about these awards can be found here: WINEHUNTER AWARDS)


Excellence is an attitude”. The motto of The WineHunter and patron of the event Helmuth Köcher perfectly interprets the constant search for excellence. This research has made the Merano WineFestival a highly prestigious event in the world of wine. Wine – The WineHunter Selection, based on a voyage at the discovery of fine wine, is central to the event in Merano where the selection of best products given The Rosso, Gold and Platinum WineHunter Award is presented.

This year there will be something new at the heart of the event: Wine – The WineHunter Selection will take place in the Kurhaus and will feature 122 Italian and international producers on 6th and 7th of November (session 1) and as many again on the 8th and 9th (session 2)

Check for all information and bookings: Merano WineFestival

Masottina’s wine R.D.O. Ponente Brut can be tasted during both sessions from 5-8 November in the WineHunter area : 

Save the date: 5-8 November 2021 

Location: Kurhaus  Palco Kursaal 

Masottina: Nr. 38

Other Masottina wines that can be tasted during the WineFestival are: 

Contrada Granda Brut:  by Enoteca di Vini Buoni d’Italia 

(click on the link for a tasting video) and

ContradaGranda Extra Dry and R.D.O. Levante Extra Dry by:  Enoteca Consorzio DOCG