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WineHunter Awards for Masottina

WineHunter Awards for Masottina:

For the first time, 2 wines from Masottina are selected for the Merano Wine Festival and have received the WINEHUNTER AWARD.

What is the WineHunter award?

The WineHunter Award is the award that is annually assigned to excellences of high quality wine but also to culinary products, distillates and craft beer.

What does the WineHunter Award guarantees?

The WineHunter Award guarantees the product’s superior quality and is conferred to Italian and international products that reach the minimum score of 90/100, after a careful evaluation process.

How is the tasting committee composed ?

There are 8 tasting committees led by The WineHunter Helmuth Köcher. Each committee is composed by at least 3 members, of which experts in the field, sommeliers, bartenders, journalists or wine lovers.  The central committee of Merano is composed by The WineHunter Helmuth Köcher and 2 more members.

What kind of information do the committee members receive about the wines ?

During the tastings the committee members are only provided with the following information:  grape variety, vinification, vintage and area of origin. 

How many categories there are ?

There are 3 categories: rosso, gold and platinum.

The rosso award is from 90 to 92,99 points out of 100.

Which wines from Masottina are selected for the Merano Wine Festival ?

In the category Spumante the 2020 R.D.O. Ponente Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Brut DOCG and the Viaventi Prosecco Extra Brut DOC both received rosso.

The motto of the WineHunter and the wine selection is:  Excellence is an attitude

More information about this motto, the WineHunter Awards and the Merano Wine Festival can be found here: 


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