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Zenato’s awards’ update

Zenato‘s awards’ update: Wine Enthusiast and 5 Star Wines recognitions for Zenato’s Chiaretto Bardolino and Amarone Riserva Sergio Zenato.

Wine Enthusiast assigned 90 Points to the Bardolino Chiaretto DOC 2021 and  the Amarone Riserva Sergio Zenato DOCG 2017 received 95 Points at the 5 star wines tasting.

Bardolino Chiaretto 2021

Zenato’s Chiaretto is made using the same grapes used to make its Bardolino: Corvina Veronese, Rondinella, and Molinara.

Vinification is carried out with brief skin contact.

This step gives the wine its coral pink color, which is as pleasant to the eyes as the flavor is on the palate.

Notes of raspberry and cur-rants accentuate the wine’s freshness.

Gastronomical suggestion:
Excellent with hors d’oeuvres, first courses, lake fish and white meat

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Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva Sergio Zenato 2017

Produced only in top vintages, this graceful wine is made from a selection of Corvina and Rondinella grapes grown in the oldest vineyards in the township of Sant’Ambrogio in Valpolicella’s “classic” zone.

Following vinification, it undergoes long-term aging for at least 4 years in Slavonian oak casks.

It represents the very identity of the winery and its legacy throughout the world – a wine that can age and be enjoyed for more than 20 years.
With luminous and dense color, elegant complexity, and a wonderful touch of spice, it’s a wholehearted expression of the land where it is made.

Gastronomical suggestion:
Perfect with roast meats, game, grilled steak and mature cheeses, but perfect for enjoyment without a meal 

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