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Zenato Wine Academy

Zenato Academy is a project organized by the winery founded by Sergio Zenato in 1960. It was born as a permanent laboratory for study and experimentation in the arts with a focus on the world of photography.

It was established in 2019 with the scope of documenting experiences and efforts in the arts over the last ten years. Since its founding, it has become an excellent resource for supporting young artists.
The founding of Zenato Academy also marked the beginning of a dialog with other organizations and institutions devoted to the figurative arts. Today, Zenato Academy partners with national and international photography schools and mounts photography exhibitions and publishes photography books that foster interest in the themes and values that drive the world of wine.

In 2010, to celebrate its 50th anniversary, Zenato published a large-format photography book. The images were integrated with the voices of the artists who created them.
Starting with this initial experience, photography was elevated from being a simple “tool” to being the language of choice.
From that moment onward, Zenato has continued to publish books that have been created in partnership with photography students and some of Italy’s master photographers. These works have helped these explorations reach a wider audience by promoting them through shows featuring the photos in Italy and beyond.

A quick impression of their work-arts:

In autumn

Fragment of a history

A flash of colours

Vintage Science

For more work-arts and info please check their website:


Source: Zenato Academy website