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Awards for Zenato’s Amarone

Wine Journal Award Zenato’s Amarone 

Wine journal awards Zenato's Amarone
Wine journal awards Zenato's Amarone
Wine journal awards Zenato's Amarone

“EROS TEBONI – THE WINE JOURNAL” is an editorial project that aims at telling the story of enological EXCELLENCE worldwide through an INNOVATIVE method of describing and tasting wine while keeping a CRITICAL  and ATTENTIVE look at TRENDING events but, above all, the drinking STYLE  that best depicts the moment in history for new consumers and wine lovers.

Wine Spectator awarded Zenato's Lugana and Amarone

This wine is produced only in top vintages and is made from a selection of Corvina and Rondinella grapes. These grow in the oldest vineyards in the township of Sant’Ambrogio in the ‘classic’ Valpolicella zone.  

Following vinification, it undergoes long-term aging for at least 4 years in Slavonian oak casks.

It represents the very identity of the winery and its legacy throughout the world.

Amarone Riserva is a wine that can age  for over 20 years.

Click on the bottle for the factsheet
Click on the bottle for the factsheet

The jewel of Zenato’s production, this wine is made from a selection of top grapes from Valpolicella Classica grown in Sant’Ambrogio township (Corvina, Rondinella, Oseleta, and Croatina).

A majestic wine, intense, and ethereal, with notes of bay leaf and distillate-cured cherries.

The grapes are dried for 4 months and crushing is not carried out until January. Slow fermentation with skin contact follows and then the wine is aged for 36 months in large-format Slavonian casks.

It is then aged in bottle before being released.

The impressive balance between all its components makes it ideal for long term aging.

Take a look at Zenato’s website for more information about these and other wines: