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The Lugana Market Grows

The Lugana Market Grows

Lugana market

The Lugana market continues to grow and is carving out more and more space on the national scene. But the famous and popular white wine of the Lake Garda that is made from the Turbiana grape, is among those that has the greatest tendency to export as well.  According to data from the Consortium there has been 11,2% more bottled (in the first quarter of 2021) and also the prices were raising. The average price of bulkwine, in July, saw an increase of 93% on the same month of 2020 equal to 2.60 – 3 Euros per liter, bottlings marked a + 19,76 % in June, while stocks from March are lower than 2020.

Lugana DOC producers’chain

There is a very optimistic picture of the performance of the Denomination, given by the decrease in ratio between stocks at end of March and bottled wines over the previous 12 months.

This convinced the Protection Consortium to release 50% out of the bulk wine, currently placed in storage. 8900 hectoliters of wine have been made available to the Lugana DOC producers’chain.

Lugana 2020, a great vintage

Also the quality of the 2020 vintage gives confidence to the denomination.  Thanks to cool nights, which preserved the acidity and elegance typical of the Turbiana the 2020 harvest gave wines with a great balance. The result is an extremely pleasant vintage.

Lugana Riserva

The president of the Consortium, Ettore Nicoletto said, making a prediction, that this vintage also will be remembered for some of its memorable Riserva types, as the Lugana Riserva must age for at least 24 months, six of these in the bottle. The brighter cromatic tones, the more advanced and complex aromas, a warmer minerality on the palate and an evolutionary potential that will easily unfold over a decade.