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Zenato’s Rosé San Benedetto is wine of the year

Zenato’s Rosé San Benedetto is the ‘Rosé wine of the year’ chosen by the Finnish Wine Magazine ‘Viinilehti‘. 

Juha Berglund and Antti Rinta-Huumo tasted a total of 72 rosé wines sent by wine importers to the ‘Rosé Wine of the Year Competition.’  The wines were tasted and judged blindly, the winner was revealed to the judges first after the selection.

A bottle of Rosé San Benedetto from Zenato

“Open and very fresh, lively and floral aroma’s. Taste of currants, cherries and citric nuances. The wine also has hints of raspberry and strawberry, including ripe red apples.”

” Harmonious and delicious, everything you expect from a good rosé wine.”

Judges comments: (…) “choosing the top three was relatively easy this year.  The rosé wine of the year is exceptionally harmonious, clean and freshly liveliy.  The grape composition is very interesting, with Rondinella, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir.”

Food suggestions: this wine suits very well to grilled meat or fish dishes.

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