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Prosecco Masters Medals for Masottina

Prosecco Master Medals for Masottina

The medallists from the Prosecco Masters 2023, organized by The Drinks Business,  are known….. and one of them is Masottina !

This company even got 9 medals !!!  5 x silver and 4 x bronze.  A great result! 

Everyone loves Prosecco:

The demand for Prosecco seems to be absorbing the supply completely. Not only in Italy, but also in other countries all over the world. The levels of the production have increased in recent years. Yes, everyone loves Prosecco !

Prosecco is fun ! 

Prosecco has diversity and has something to offer every wine drinker.  Choose an Extra Brut, an Extra dry or a Prosecco Rosé for example.

Prosecco Rosé: the Pinot Nero is the blending choice, made by the Consorzio, set at 10 – 15%. The remainder is made up of Glera. The Pinot Nero must be vinified in red and come from a territory that belongs to the Prosecco DOC area.

The following Prosecco’s from Masottina received a silver medal:

The following Prosecco’s from Masottina received a bronze medal:

For a complete overview of all winners and more information please click on the button: 

“(…) from the easy-drinking, crowd-pleasing, relatively simple, but ‘oh-somore-ish’ Prosecco Veneto DOC wines to the more ‘serious’ Prosecco Treviso DOC, and then onto Superiore DOCG wines from Asolo and Valdobbiadene, including the latter ’s Cartizze wines produced from grapes grown on the precise location of the Cartizze hill. And at the top of the Prosecco pyramid, Rive wines. It is also true that throughout the DOCs and DOCGs, quality seems to improve year on year, something that this year ’s Prosecco Masters confirms.” (…)  (17th of April by Patricia Stefanowicz

For the article ‘Masottina aims to balance sales volume with value’ that was published by the the 11th of April, you can click on the button: