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Nizza DOCG Vigna Vegia

Update in Cascina Garitina‘s portfolio:

Starting from vintage 2017 the Nizza DOCG, previously named Vecchia 58-61, will be Vegia.

" A splendid 62 year old in the vineyard Here are the news. It is the old vineyard on the top of Bricco Garitta, where there is the Big Bench of Castel Boglione. On the label we started to call it vecchia1961 until the bureaucracy forced us to remove "old". In the #nizzadocg of 2016 we wrote vineyard 58-61 because it was planted between 1958 and 1961. Now the bureaucracy has unblocked the situation and allowed us to use "vegia" which is the dialect equivalent of old. Vigna Vegia will appear with the 2017 harvest (which is already in the bottle)"
Gianluca Morino
Cascina Garitina
62 old vine on the top of ricco Garitta


Nizza DOCG 58-61


Nizza DOCG Vegia