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New vintage Barco Reale

New vintage Barco Reale of Fattoria Ambra.

The new 2023 vintage of Fattoria Ambra’s  BARCO REALE DI CARMIGNANO is now available!
Enjoy it with a nice barbecue!!

new vintage barco reale ambra

This wine is named after the hunting grounds of the Medici family; Barco Reale.

Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese

In this basic cuvee, Beppe uses grapes from the young vines from the Montefortini and Pilli vineyards.


Juicy red fruit with an earthy touch, smooth and tasty.

Fattoria Ambra is located in the DOCG Carmignano and is the domain of Beppe Romei Rigoli. Carmignano is not only the lowest located, but also one of the smallest and oldest DOCGs in Tuscany. The denomination has been in use since 1716 and has existed for more than 300 years. The area is located north-west of the city of Florence and is the northernmost production area in Tuscany.

In Carmignano, in addition to Sangiovese and the Cannaiolo and Colorino family members, Uva Francesca, or Cabernet Sauvignon, is also planted. They have been growing the latter here since the 17th century, it is said to have once been brought from France by Catherine de Medici. The grape is now so established here that wine can only be called Carmignano if it contains Cabernet.

Beppe has always maintained his DOCG single-handedly. He has been making his wines in the same, old-fashioned way for years. Thanks to this traditional working method, he has already survived several fads. Beppe makes aged wines with lots of structure and character.

This is a family run estate where everybody lends a hand.

Giuseppe Rigoli is the manager, agronomist and oenologist. Susan, his wife, is a trained agronomist and helps where needed. Fabio Marzotti, an agricultural technician and sommelier, and Guido Cantini, Giuseppe’s nephew with a great passion for wine, work full time at the estate and follow the work in the cellar, in the vineyard, marketing issues and they support Giuseppe and Susan at tastings, events and fairs.

* Certified biological wine since 2018 *

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