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New bottle for Santadi’s Cala Silente

New bottle for Santadi’s Cala Silente.
Cantina di Santadi‘s iconic Vermentino Cala Silente is renewed to offer you an even more extraordinary experience!
From vintage 2023 the clear glass bottle will be replaced by  an elegant dark green one, ensuring that every sip is wrapped in optimal light protection. In addition, a delicate restyling of the label underlines the unique essence of this wine.
Discover the taste of tradition renewed with Cala Silente 2023.
Vermentino di Sardegna Cala Silente 2023
cala silente old and new bottle

PLACE OF ORIGIN: The grapes making Cala Silente come from vermentino vineyards having the best exposure, cultivation density and yield per plant.

SOIL COMPOSITION: Medium mixture, tending to sandy or clayey.

GRAPE VARIETIES: Vermentino 100%.

CLIMATE: Hot and dry summers, mild winters.

HARVESTING: In regular years, the harvesting of the white grapes starts in early September and ends in early October.

VINICATION AND DEVELOPMENT: The hand-picked grapes are again selected at the Winery before being approved for separate vinification in stainless steel tanks under controlled temperature (16-18 °C). After completing alcoholic fermentation, the wine develops further in cement vats in contact with its lees, acquiring greater roundness and taste.

TASTING NOTES: Colour: Straw yellow with luminous green and golden tinges. Nose: Complex, intense, with hints of apple, peach and citrus fruits. Palate: Natural long finish in the mouth, with distinctive suaveness and balance.

STORAGE: Constant temperature 17 °C, humidity 75-80%, away from light, horizontal bottle.

SERVING: Medium-large goblet with medium-size rim, serving temperature 10-12 °C.

MATCHINGS: It matches fish and white meat dishes, dressed with fine aromatic spices and sauces.


 The Cantina di Santadi Winery is located in the Sulcis area, in South-western Sardinia, just a few miles as the crow flies from the dazzling beaches and white sand dunes of Porto Pino.
It was established in 1960, and after some start-up difficulties, a new management gave it a decisive boost, driven by strong determination which fanned enthusiasm and passion.
Thus the Winery embarked on an ambitious programme, adopting new strategies and clear targets, streamlining its operations and issuing coherent guidelines to its member grape growers.
The foremost aim was to stake operations on quality bottled wines, especially typical reds, enhancing and promoting the primary local cultivar: carignano, while not forgetting white grapes with a distinguished tradition in Sardinia, such as vermentino, nuragus and nasco.
Winemaking technique and wine selection were also perfected, by securing the consultancy of international wine expert Giacomo Tachis, whose arrival at the Winery was a major turning point. The grapes grown in erect shrub vineyards (Latin vineyard) produce wines based on the carignano cultivar, with rich, expansive aroma and taste, noble tannins and a perfect balance between acid-organic elements, alcohol and polyphenols.

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