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Monchiero Carbone: Roero

Monchiero Carbone: 2 Roero wines awarded by DoctorWine

Monchiero Carbone: Roero

2 Roero wines from Monchiero Carbone were awarded by DoctorWine (by Daniele Cernilli) for the essential Guide to Italian wines 2024.

96 points for the Roero DOCG Riserva Renesio Incisa 2019 and 95 points for the Printi Roero Riserva 2019.  

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Roero DOCG Riserva Renesio Incisa 2019

Printi Roero Riserva DOCG 2019

Monchiero Carbone: Roero

Renesio Incisa

Renesio Incisa is a new concept of Roero Arneis which moves away from how this wine has been interpreted so far. Thanks to Monchiero Carbone’s twenty-five years’ experience in the production of Arneis grapes and their passion for the vinification of Piedmontese whites, they have realized over the years that Arneis is a grape variety highly suited for aging.


Roero Printi

Monchiero Carbone have been making Roero “Printi” since 1997. This is remembered as one of the most interesting vintage of the decade. This selection produces a wine that could measure itself against the more structured Piedmontese reds. It deals confidently with decidedly long periods of aging without surrendering the elegance that is typical of the Nebbiolo grapes originating on the steep slopes of the Roero.

Altitude and soil

The vineyard that they considered the best of their estate for Arneis production is Renesio Incisa.  This is in the Municipality of Canale. This vineyard has two fundamental peculiarities: a considerable altitude and a soil rich in sand.

Limited production

The first vintage of Renesio Incisa is 2016. All the bottles are numbered and it is a limited production. Suitable for those who prefer more evolved and complex white wines, with a few years on their shoulders. These wines can be kept for at least 10/15 years. 

Roero is the only terroir in Italy to boast a DOCG that includes 2 native varieties, the white berry ARNEIS and the red berry NEBBIOLO.


“The guiding philosophy of the ‘essential guide to Italian wine’, is essentiality. That is not the collection of thousands of wineries, but the selection of those that in the opinion of the DoctorWine team are the best, and that in the coming months will propose on the markets wines not to be missed.

Quality pyramid

The DoctorWine guide also has its own quality pyramid, which is represented by the now well-known “little faces”.  The seal with the face of Daniele Cernilli, who thus “puts his face on it” in certifying the quality of the award-winning wines. Triple veneer for wines awarded 99 or 100/100, double for wines that reached 98/100 and single for those that earned 97, 96 or 95/100.”