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Luca Maroni: awards for Cabert’s Casali Roncali line

Luca Maroni: awards for Cabert‘s Casali Roncali line

The first guide to have evaluated the entire new line of Casali Roncali wines is The Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani (The Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines), which commented on the wines presented as follows:

2 new awards for Pinot Grigio

“Cabert presents wines of increasing pleasantness in a large series and all of similar value. 
The Friulano Casali Roncali 2022 (94 points) and the Pinot Grigio Casali Roncali 2022 (94 points) reveal their glycerinous thickness, well balanced and clear on the nose, as does the Merlot Casali Roncali 2021 (94 points), the Casali Roncali Schioppettino 2022 (94 points) and the Cabernet Sauvignon Casali Roncali 2021 (94 points).
The Merlot Cabert Storia 2020 (94 points) has superior residual olfactory and oxidative integrity: its varietal shines, evoking black cherry jam. The best of the tasting is the Sauvignon Casali Roncali 2022 (95 points): this too is crystalline and rusty on the nose, very vivid in structure, revealing extractive pulp from rich compositional grapes. Congratulations.”


From tradition in the vineyard to innovation in the winery.

Surrounded by large expanses of vineyards, the CABERT headquarters is located in Bertiolo, in the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Founded in 1960, Cantina di Bertiolo processes the grapes of 60 winegrowers who are, at the same time, the shareholders of CABERT. Our winegrowers have centuries of passion behind them, as well as a sincere attention for their vines, and a cultural heritage handed down from generation to generation.

Over the years, Cabert have established a production chain, from the cultivation of grapes through to bottling, where the use of technology has allowed them to integrate traditional methods of wine-making with the very best cutting-edge techniques.

The equipment used for harvesting and subsequent processing allow us to preserve all the quality and intrinsic qualities of the grapes. This breathes life into wines with a balanced character, a vivid aromatic profile, and a strong sense of terroir, wines offering the pleasure of good drinking, and created to be appreciated on any occasion.


The Casali Roncali line was created the aim of enhancing the excellence of the Friuli Colli Orientali area. From a careful selection by our winemakers, mineral, balanced and well-structured wines are shaped into a completely renewed packaging that reflects all the quality that you will find in every single glass.

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