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IWSC Medals Santadi

The International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) awarded wines from Cantina di Santadi: Gold for Festa Noria and Silver for Rocca Rubia Riserva. 

IWSC medal for Cantina di Santadi’s FESTA NORIA: 

Gold for Cantina Santadi at the IWSC

A gold medal and 97 (!) points for Santadi’s Festa Noria (fortified wine)  at the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2022 

The vinification of Festa Noria:

The grapes are picked by hand. After a long period of drying in the sun they are fermented with classic red vinification. It starts from a temperature of ca. 20°C, to reach a maximum of  28°C. When 2/3 of residual sugar is consumed, the wine is cooled to stop the fermentation. Then vinous alcohol is added, thus obtaining a liquor wine with an important residual sugar and a final alcohol of about 16%. Then the wine is aging for several years in small oak barrels. 

IWSC Medal for Cantina di Santadi’s ROCCA RUBIA RISERVA 2019: 

A silver medal and 90 points for Santadi’s Rocca Rubia Riserva 2019 at the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2022

The vinification of Rocca Rubia: 

After stemming and crushing, the grapes are fermented and macerated for 12-14 days in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature of 25-28 °C. During this period, the must is frequently pumped up, thus fully absorbing the noble tannins typical of bush-grown carignano. After malolactic fermentation, the wine is transferred to small, fine grained 1st and 2nd-passage French oak casks for 10-12 months, to further develop its biochemical and chemical-physical properties, aroma and taste. Further aging in the bottle for several months enables an early bouquet development.

Grapes from the vineyards of Cantina di Santadi: 

Great reds: Terre Brune, Rocca Rubia, Noras, Araja, Grotta Rossa and Antigua.

These great reds are accompanied by stylish whites. 

Stylish whites: Villa di Chiesa, Cala Silente, Pedraia, Villa Solais, Latinia.