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Mundus Vini Awards Chianti

Mundus Vini Awards Chianti: 

Villa di Vetrice:  birthplace of an idea with a history that began centuries ago. And that history is still being written today, creating wines of the highest quality.

The Chianti Rufina Riserva DOCG 2018 received GOLD at the Mundus Vini 30th Grand International Wine Award 2022

Chianti Rufina:  True – the typical Chianti Rufina has its rough edges. It is as full of character as the landscape its grapes grow in. But is is just this hardy note that gives it strenght and a robust elegance and makes it more suitable for storage than other wines – rendering it all the more valuable. Thanks to the cool evenings in the Rufina region, it can keep its freshness for years. The delicious fruit, the vivid acidity and the well-balanced tannin are a statement.  A wine of its word. 

The Chianti Rufina DOCG 2019 received SILVER at the Mundus Vini 30th Grand International Wine Award 2022

Please click on the video below for a tasting of the Villa di Vetrice Chianti Rufina Riserva by Gualberto Grati and see the vineyards where this wine come from. 

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Chianti Rufina Riserva: 

You should take a little time to enjoy it. After all, it has taken its time as well: two years in an oak barrel and at least three more months in the bottle have allowed it the leisure it needs, and the life experience that it now passes on with maturity.  

It is a wine of extreme refinement, intense aromas and sophistication that results- cultivated with great care and deliberation.